The Learning Community Outline

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  • The principal is the “Head Master Teacher” who can demonstrate the methodology.
  • We start with Intuitive Learning with two kindergartens and two first grade teachers who are well trained and can be examples or models for the other teachers.
  • All other teachers would take training and “try” to accomplish the learning goals as best they can.
  • We must educate parents about the special methods we are using and offer the community life-long learning opportunities.
  • All teachers would continue training in: recorder playing, singing, dancing, rhythmic education, movement in the classroom, philosophical and psychological education, form-drawing, water color painting, blackboard drawing, assessment, handwork, nurturing environments, illustrating, construction of main lesson books, circle activities, the temperaments, etc.
  • Development of extensive looping or houses (K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-7-8).
  • Specialists available in the junior high.
  • Handwork teachers, instrumentalists, dance teachers, foreign language teachers would deliver special classes.
  • World literature would be drawn from the Steiner literature curriculum to meet developmental needs.
  • The school would have site-based management with an instructional leader (Headmaster), compliance director, and a cabinet for advising the two school leaders.
  • Dr. Alfred Tomatis’ Listening Centre skill development could be piloted.
  • An Adult Education component of the school could be a separate entity responsible for teacher training, adult education, and other tasks not necessarily connected to the school (before and after care, ½ day kindergarten, service learning, 21st Century Learning Communities, etc.)

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