Intuitive Learning

Intuitive Learning is a dynamic on-line workbook for parents and teachers that supports the lessons given in Eternal Curriculum for Wisdom Children. We will be adding instructional videos to these chapters as well as posting other materials that can assist you in incorporating etheric education at home or school. To receive posts and videos as they are posted, we recommend that you subscribe to this site.



Introduction to Intuitive Learning

Key Principles of Intuitive Learning

Key Questions That Drive Instruction

72 Power Tools of Learning

Aspects of Intuitive Learning

The Learning Guild

Dialectic Process of Learning

The Threefold Human Being as a Basis of a New Psychology

Philosophical Foundations

The Triune Brain

The Four Humors or Temperaments

The Twelve Senses

Fundamental Stages of Childhood

The Learning Community

Educational Philosophies of Framing Intuitive Learning

The Four Temperaments

The Four Temperaments by Rudolf Steiner


First Survey of Teachers for Intuitive Learning

Intuitive Learning Lecture Outline for K-8

Research Supporting Music Education