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In today’s modern age of education it is hard to keep up with the many new methodologies that flood the market place each year.  New theories of education or workshops on some clever component of the learning process appear in my mailbox everyday.  I can’t count the educational training sessions offered each year by the State or the intermediate school district, let alone the many educators who discover or rename miniscule elements of teaching and learning and call in a new method.

Education is the largest business in America and the choices in instructional methodologies offered to educators is staggering. It is often insinuated that if your method of instruction isn’t “brand new”, then something is wrong with your teaching. Teachers go to a variety of seminars each summer and return with new brain-based, research-based best practices that are hot off the press. Often the research has only been conducted for very short periods of time and yet the method is “proven” by research. A few years later, that very research is supplanted by new research. It is hard to know where to turn to find effective methods that enhance student academic performance that will stand the test of time.

Intuitive Learning is not one of those new methods that has a small research project behind it and claims to be the new and improved model of instruction. Everything in Intuitive Learning has been used in schools for hundreds, if not thousands of years.  We believe that the tried and true methods of learning should not be thrown out for new versions. The Egyptians, Greeks, and Chinese have been successfully teaching complicated systems of knowledge since the beginning of recorded history. The Indian Vedas have been successfully transmitted through an oral tradition from teacher to pupil for over four thousand years without a single word being lost in the transmission. The Chinese language has over 20,000 pictograms which have long, complicated stories involved in the use of this huge collection of symbols. Whatever methods have been used by Indian and China are obviously still effective to this day.  Perhaps we should take stock of these age-old methods to rethink how and why we learn.

Intuitive Learning is self-evident to any learner who pays attention to the processes active in their own learning. Any principle of Intuitive Learning should be checked against simple, common sense thinking to see if it is correct. Though all learning is not universal, there are many elements of the learning process that are common to us all.  These old, tried and true methods are recovered and systematized in Intuitive Learning.

The reader will be asked to look at simple elements of education and question them from the ground up. Direct, observable phenomena can be culled together into a comprehensive picture of what a learner does to learn. Some principles may come as a shock to teachers trained in today’s teacher training courses because direct observation goes against new theories of education. The piecemeal theories of education do not create a comprehensive whole nor are the foundational questions of education addressed. We forget that we do not have a comprehensive psychology of the human being or an effective philosophy of education that answers the most basic of educational questions.

Intuitive Learning posits the premise that basic questions about learning must first be asked honestly, and perhaps there will be no clear answers. Since human knowledge acquisition is changing exponentially, we need a comprehensive theory of knowledge and learning that can grow with human development. We hope to ask many of the right questions in this course and we hope that the participants will walk away with answers they can demonstrate and see in their students’ and their own learning.

2 Thoughts

  1. Tyla and Douglas Gabriel,

    I am a seeker of truth. In search of the truth I have 9 degrees, 2 PhD’s, and have been around the world, down many rabbit holes. Briefly, I have LD, 5 concussions, cancer and have healed from all without traditional medicine. Over the years, I set the ground for raising money and building the new Cathedral house and labyrinths at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco. Currently, I am writing a picture book integrating my knowledge at mastery level to generate a body of knowledge which brings a wholistic perspective.

    I happened on your American media site and became intrigued with your wisdom
    and brilliant presentation collaborating years of investigative research. You left hints here and there… I started poking around. When I saw your new book and downloaded it for free, I knew I needed to connect with you. No one else I know is working on such an Integrative approach. Like you, I am integrating many bodies of knowledge. My idea is silent evolution instead of a revolution. This idea evolved as an Orthodox Christian after spending time in Russia.

    Today I watched Notre Dame Cathedral burn, as an architect, artist, musician, educational therapist and integrative medical educator I cried. I grew up very poor in a lower middle class neighborhood where there was honesty, integrity and Christian values. As a young artist with art work in the Denver art museum at age of 8, I always wanted to go to Paris to understand the community of the impressionists artists, holding Paris very close to my heart. Inspired by this pursuit, I co-created a magical community through an event called Michaelmas faire at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. This was the foundation on which we raised 17 million dollars. The event was so extraordinary, I am still searching for the underlying mechanisms which generated the magic.

    In pursuit of this knowledge I moved to the community of 3,000 people in Felton and have been incubating this knowledge for years in monastic style, which led to my first PhD and becoming an expert through research with Santa Clara health and Hospital in elements of Quantum creativity. This I believe to be a spiritual path..

    So many stories. I am 71 years old, a widow of a rocket scientist, with a vision of living to 125. I am a DAR and as a revolutionary war and civil war re-enactor and will be spending the next month in Colonial Williamsburg. I live in California and would love to meet you, there is much work to do for the awakening.


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