The Twelve Senses

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With each of the senses, the human being stands in a particular relationship with himself and his environment. With the sense of being, the sense of own motion and the sense of balance, the human being experiences perceptions that refer to his/her physically emotional existence and personal physical self. He/she feels comfortable or uncomfortable, sets himself in motion, and puts himself in a particular physical relationship to his/her surroundings. The fact that he feels himself a whole in his personal physical self is the basis for his self-awareness.

With the sense of touch the human is in contact with the world. We touch the hard, soft, smooth and rough. With the aid of pressure and resistance he experiences boundaries. From experiencing boundaries we make self-encounters.

With the sense of smell, taste, and vision, beings or materials become manifest to him/her in their outward appearance. With these senses, the human being learns whether something smells pleasant or repulsive, whether something tastes sweet or bitter, which colors, sizes, shapes belong to an object, or for example what the colors mean. Via the sense of heat the human is able to learn to penetrate below the surface of bodies and objects and to learn about their state.

The senses of hearing, speech, thought and the sense of the self or “I” enable the human being to perceive the “I” of other beings and humans. These senses make him/her a socially conscious and responsible individual.

To summarize, the following order can be established:

Senses of cognition:  

Sense of the self, ego or “I”

Sense of thought

Sense of speech, word or language

Sense of hearing

Senses of feeling:  

Sense of heat, temperature

Sense of the eye

Sense of taste

Sense of smell 

Senses of will:        

Sense of balance

Sense of own motion

Sense of being

Sense of touch

Click here for a PDF chart on the Twelve Senses

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