The Eternal Ethers: A Theory of Everything


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An Excerpt from The Eternal Ethers, p 259

It is impossible to speak of the ethers without also speaking of the genesis of space and time and the beings, forces, elementals, and elements that are associated with the etheric formative forces and their rhythmic cycles. To address the first ether that was created demands an understanding of a cosmology that can “hold” the metamorphosing nature of that ether from the most ancient times to the present, and far into the future. Ethers evolve alongside of human and hierarchical evolution. Ethers are not only the building blocks of space and time, but also of consciousness and the beings and forces that work together to create the confluence of Earthly and cosmic forces that are found in and around each human.
Both the world within and the world without are populated by invisible beings whose growth and activity create elements and elementals as a “shadow” of those spirits. Spirits “fall” into matter, and we can witness the forces, effects, and outer manifestation of these beings as the substance of our environment, and likewise our consciousness. Spirit and matter are hyper-connected to the cosmos and the hierarchy through the ethers. Truly, ethers are magical in their nature and effect.
It is hard to find a place to begin describing the etheric body of a human being. According to many theorists, the ethers pervade all space and all living aspects of the human being. Every atom, molecule, and cell is filled with the dynamic, rhythmic exchange of the four ethers. This pulsing of cosmic and human life is linked, and we can find the duality of the physical plane explicated through the opposing sets of two ethers that alternately give and take in a dynamic field of forces involving electricity, magnetism, levity, and gravity.
Beyond these moving and undulating forces, beings, and substances is the mysterious Cosmic ether, or the Akasha ether. In ancient texts, this primal entity is clearly a being who is the director of the four basic ethers, like a Mother with four rowdy boys who like to wrestle as they express themselves. This Akasha ether is called Fohat by H. P. Blavatsky and others. It assumes the role of the prime creator and prime mover. Akasha weaves between the other four ethers, creating a space for them to play. After hearing all the different theorists, it might be fair to assume that Akasha is primal space that is beyond the hierarchy and is a donation directly from the Divine Trinity.
New theories of the Akasha ether align with the most ancient ones. Akasha is the void of space that all manifestation comes to exist within. It is an ocean of ether, not unlike the mysterious “substance” ether that the ancients referred to with awe. Even Einstein believed in the “hypothetical ether” that was the foundation of his theory of General Relativity, which was his best version of a Theory of Everything. Einstein only referred to this Luminiferous ether quite obliquely, but his concepts of the propagation of light are based upon this ether.
Most Theories of Everything have a mysterious force, fluid, substance, vacuum, vortex, or medium in which the forces of the universe act. Many new theories place the ether or ethers at the core of the cosmos. You can find numerous other ether theories that point in the direction of what we have come to see is a complex but understandable system of seven ethers that have different effects on the Earth compared to the cosmos.
The key factor in understanding the ethers is to know how many there are and how they came into being as a process of metamorphoses that evolves over the seven incarnations of the Earth. Not only can the ethers tell us about the past and the creation of the world, but the three “extra” ethers that are added onto the standard four ethers can inform us about the nature of the future. The ethers are a window into viewing the entire plan of human and world evolution. Each ether is connected to a soul or spiritual capacity of the human being.
The future spiritual capacities that the human being will develop are also written into the Akasha ether, the Unfallen Sound ether, and the Unfallen Life ether. These three ethers will become more and more available to human use, and this will lead to the future capacities of Imagination in the Spirit Self, Inspiration in the Life Spirit, and Intuition in the Spirit Human. These steps of evolution will take long periods of time to unfold but are available for the initiate at this time. The future can bring to us our future capacities of spirit through the workings of the etheric formative forces.
The human etheric body is an image of the entire cosmos, from ego birth to ego ascension. Thus, the etheric body is virtually immortal and has the past, present, and future inscribed into it as the key to human spiritual metamorphosis. The ethers are the ladder to the spiritual world, and at the first stage of ascension, the initiate gains “Etheric Vision” as an outward sign of development. New, supersensible, spiritual organs of perception develop through the interaction with etheric vision as it is unfolding. Christ is perceived in the etheric realm with this new etheric vision, and He teaches the initiate directly through offering His perfected etheric body as a model to emulate and embody.


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