Teaching the Wisdom Children who are Incarnating in our World

Dr. Douglas Gabriel presents an opening lecture on his book The Eternal Curriculum for Wisdom Children – the literature and cultural icons needed by Wisdom Children to integrate the development of humanity into a healthy, living, and meaningful world-view.

Vimeo has censored all of our videos behind this censorship wall: https://vimeo.com/user34991499

This video was removed by Vimeo for Big Brother infractions, so we have provided an audio link for you below. Barry Diller and Chelsea Clinton are the evil actors behind VIMEO and have decided to censor patriots and truth seekers by hiding their videos behind their censorship wall.

wisdom children

Eternal Curriculum for Wisdom Children

To get started right away, download this free PDF version:

Eternal Curriculum for Wisdom Children

If you enjoyed Dr. Gabriel’s lecture, you might also enjoy these lecture series:

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New World Awakening

Did you receive an education or an indoctrination? Learn the difference so that your children are educated as humans becoming, instead of becoming cogs for industry. Learn how the Gabriels created the Glass Bead Game to help students of all ages educate their etheric body.

humours 2.jpg

Education – Wisdom or Indoctrination?


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